Healthy New Year

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If you’re looking to make changes to your physical or mental health this year, check out some practical ideas to help you get going. Our website has plenty of information and advice for anyone over 18 who lives and/or works in West Sussex about the local support on a range of issues to help keep you healthy and well.

Your physical health

Getting a check-up

Cutting back and quitting 

Losing weight and getting active 

  • Lose weight with free local support. See our Weight Management page to find out how to access digital and face-to-face programmes in West Sussex.
  • Resolve to get more active to improve mental wellbeing, keep a healthy weight, and reduce the risk of heart disease and some cancers.

Staying healthy 

Help with emotional wellbeing and mental health

Life can be tough, and we all have our ups and downs, but sometimes we might need extra support. It could be you or someone you know who is struggling with loneliness, bereavement, or a relationship breakdown, addiction, debts or suicidal thoughts.

Help is at hand and there are people who care and who will listen.

Your Wellbeing hub