Wellbeing self assessment

This tool will help you find local Wellbeing information that is relevant to you. It is aimed at people aged 18 years and over.

After answering a set of questions we will provide the best local wellbeing option(s) for you. These could include:

  • Wellbeing information, services and activities
  • Advice and support from your local wellbeing service
  • Additional health and social care support to improve your wellbeing

Your results will be displayed once you have answered the questions on the next few pages.

Start your Wellbeing self assessment

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Do you want to know more about having a healthy lifestyle?

Would you like information about clubs or activities?

Do you feel lonely or would you like to get out and meet new people?

Are you worried about money?

Are you finding it hard to stay warm at home?

Do you need help with everyday tasks?

Do you care for someone and feel you would benefit from some support?

Do you have concerns about your general health or emotional wellbeing?

Are you taking prescribed medication?

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