Exercise disclaimer

Before participating in any exercise programme or completing any exercise please ensure you have read and understood the following:

You should always consult with a medical professional before commencing any new exercise program or activity.

If you have any underlying medical conditions you should consult with your GP or healthcare professional to confirm that the exercises/exercise program you are looking to follow is appropriate for you and your needs.

If you are fit and well, or been given approval to take part in exercise by your GP/healthcare provider, please ensure that you take responsibility with regard to your health and always stop activity if a new health issue occurs or an existing condition worsens.

Be aware that taking part in exercise does have an element of risk of injury. Therefore please take appropriate steps to ensure you are working in a safe environment, wearing appropriate attire, following instructions correctly, and have medical clearance to take part.

If you are not feeling well before you start exercise do not continue and seek advice from a professional.

Crawley Wellbeing and partners will not be held liable for any injuries caused, and will be released from any claims of negligence. Ensure your exercise/activity programme is safe and effective at all times!

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