Falls Prevention Crawley

Have you felt unsteady on your feet? Are you concerned about your mobility? Have you noticed a change in your confidence when moving about?

Crawley wellbeing is here to help you improve your strength and balance support and support you in taking those meaningful steps to renewed stability and confidence.

Our Wellbalanced falls prevention course offers you;

  • A free 12-week course led by specialist instructors
  • Pre-course and post-course one-to-one consultation and assessments
  • Strength and balance training to help you maintain your independence
  • Classes to suit your ability level
  • Personalised support and advice to help you achieve your goals
  • A Home Help Pack, including exercise booklet and resistance band
  • Improved confidence in getting out and about

Our reinvigorating 'Wellbalanced' programme has the potential to transform your world!

For more information email Kelly Davis or call: 07826 896903.

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