Mindful Living Course

If you are looking to step out of autopilot and be more present in your everyday life for relaxation and balance. Then why not try our FREE six week mindful living course, and start to become more aware of the things around you and your thoughts and feelings with more kindness and compassion. Details of the course are below:


  • Online via MS Teams either small group 6 or via 1-2-1
  • 6 weekly sessions of 1 hour in length
  • Offer topic discussion, mindfulness technique, breath awareness, journaling questions and guided meditations
  • Combination of presentation, meditations and discussion
  • Downloads for clients to practice or recommendations

Guidelines for Practice:

  • Adopting and attitude of curiosity and openness
  • Seeing your experiences in the moment with non-judgement
  • Letting go of ideas and opinions
  • Attending all of the scheduled sessions
  • Having a quiet space available with no distractions
  • Work safely within your limitations
  • Commitment to personal weekly practice

Course Breakdown:

Session 1

  • What is mindfulness and the pillars of mindfulness
  • Awareness and autopilot discussion,
  • S.T.O.P technique,
  • Following the natural breath and pauses,
  • Mindful eating exercise,
  • Sitting 3 -minute silent meditation using breath,
  • Introducing journaling for noticing stresses.

Session 2

  • Thoughts are not facts discussion,
  • S.T.O.P and R.A.I.N techniques,
  • Abdominal breathing and extending the out breath,
  • Mindful everyday activity,
  • Sitting 3- minute meditation using the body,
  • Journaling noting the activities in your daily routine that help you to thrive and be positive, or spiral down and be negative

Session 3

  • Emotions and feelings discussion
  • Recall positive/negative experience how did they make you feel
  • H.A.L.T technique
  • Counting the breath and breathing ratios
  • Body scan 30-60 minutes
  • Sitting 3- minute meditation using sounds,
  • Journaling noting mood, emotions and feelings

Session 4

  • Habits and triggers discussion
  • A.R.T technique
  • Square breathing/ breathing app
  • Mindful movement – walking and restorative yoga
  • Sitting 3 -minute meditation using breath, body and sounds (3-step)
  • Journaling noting habits and triggers

Session 5

  • Obstacles and letting go discussion
  • S.N.A.C.K technique
  • Alternate nostril breathing – or visualisation
  • Visualisation meditation/ mantra meditation
  • Exploring difficulties meditation – p169 finding peace in a frantic world
  • The Guest House - Rumi
  • Journaling noting every day or recurring obstacles

Session 6

  • Self-care and loving kindness
  • B.E.L.L.A technique
  • Humming bee’s breath
  • Loving kindness guided meditation
  • Sitting 5 -minute silent meditation – breath, body, sounds, thoughts, feelings, emotions.
  • Complimentary self-care practices – progressive muscle relaxation, self-hypnosis, aromatherapy, massage, and hobbies
  • Useful resources and smartphone apps to sustain onward practice
  • Journaling for continued development.

Post course:

  • Individual follow up review one month later
  • Private Facebook/What’s App group
  • Monthly guided meditation session and Q&A

To find out more details or to reserve a place for an upcoming course please contact us: Email: wellbeing@crawley.gov.uk  Tel: 01293 585317

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