Wellbeing Pledge

Why the Wellbeing Pledge?

This winter, it might be even harder to get motivated to physical activity than normal. So we have come up with the Wellbeing Pledge.

What is the Wellbeing Pledge?

An achievable commitment to physical activity personal to you.

Could it be joining a new exercise class (in person or virtually)?

Maybe signing up to Couch to 5k? Or maybe just going for more regular walks?

Why should I take part?

It’s a simple and effective start to your wellbeing journey in 2021.

How do I take part?

If you would like to take part in the My #WellbeingPledge all you need to do is check out the Crawley Wellbeing website or alternatively check out the Crawley Wellbeing website to register your ‘interest’ and tell us what you are pledging.

You can register your interest here.


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