WOW Resources

For individual's who are attending the Weight Management (WOW) programme, we will be releasing a healthy eating topic each week to allow you to continue your weight loss journey.

Going forward, we will be hosting a video link to a nutritional topic each week, more details on this to come.



W/C 16/03/2020 - Calories in Calories out

W/C 23/03/2020 - Fats Handout

W/C 30/03/2020 -Salt

W/C 06/04/2020 - Cholesterol

W/C 13/04/2020 - Drinks and Water Resource |  Alcohol Guidelines

W/C 20/04/2020 - Eating Out

W/C 27/04/2020 - Physical Activity

W/C 18/05/2020- Sugar




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